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Protect Your Home and Family



Controlling ants in the kitchen, garden or yard is important. Carpenter ants can do a lot of damage. Let us help you control ants in your home and yard.





Mice and be a real nuisance - especially in a vacation home. We will tackle your mouse problem inside your home and outside your home. We will also fix  entry points. 





Hear something moving around in the attic? Let us come and find the animal who is moving in.  We use humane traps that alert us when triggered. We will come by shortly to remove the squirrel. 




Go Green Pest Rat_edited.jpg
Go Green Pest Raccoon_edited.jpg

Rats and Rodents

Rats and rodents spread disease.  Removing these pests quickly and safely is important. Give us a call and we will solve your rodent problem so you can rest easy.




Raccoons can be a major problem if they get into your vacation home. Stop them before they move in with our vacation home inspection.




Troubleshooting entry points 

Cracks in your foundation, opening in your attic vent or trees near your roof are inviting pest to move in. We will perform a complete inspections of your home and address all possible pest entry points. 



Electronic Trap Monitoring System - Go Green Pest Solutions offers a safe and fast way to remove unwanted wildlife from your home or property. Using TrapSmart, a message is sent to Go Green service when the trap door is released. 

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