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Go Green Solves Paver Ants Problem in West Milford NJ

When Frank had a new paver driveway installed at his home in West Milford, NJ, he did not know that he also got a bonus at no additional charge – a healthy colony of Paver Ants.

Frank always wanted a paver driveway and finally, he had his dream come true. Within days, he found his dream turn into a nightmare. His wife and kids could not go in the living room as the paver driveway attracted pavement ants – who moved from the driveway into the house.

Pavement ants like driveways, sidewalks and patios. They build circular, sandy looking mounds with a center hole. A colony can have 1,000s and can enter homes through plumbing holes or tiny cracks in search of food.

When Frank noticed the ants in his living room, he called a national brand extermination service (starts with “T”). After 4 visits and no resolution, Frank was fed up and called Tom Watson at Go Green Pest Solutions. Frank explained his situation and frustration to Tom. Tom was at Frank’s home that day and started treatment. Since it was a pretty serious infestation, it required a second treatment to be corrected.

Today, the problem is under control. Frank signed up for Go Green Pest Solutions annual program – to make sure this never happens again. “Tom explained that this is a common problem with paver driveways and that the approach taken by the national company was not the best, most effective approach,” states Frank. “Tom took the time to answer my questions and educate me about the situation and what things to look for around my house. The other exterminator was not as knowledgeable as Tom. He not only would shrug his shoulders when I asked a question, but was in such a rush to leave. Tom is a professional who knows his stuff clearly communicates. I highly recommend him.”

Now that the problem is fixed, Frank and his family can relax in their living room and enjoy their beautiful driveway. Frank can’t say enough good things about Go Green Pest Solutions. “Tom really cares about his customers. He’ll call out of the blue just to see how my wife and kids are doing… he’s awesome!”

Tom Watson, owner Go Green Pest Solutions, is a licensed professional. Located in Vernon, NJ, Tom provides professional pest control and removal services to Sparta, West Milford and other surrounding areas of northern NJ.

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